University of Lodz


The University of Lodz is one of the leading institutions of higher education in Poland. For decades it has been also one of the biggest and most popular Polish universities. It was established in 1945 as a successor of educational institutions active in Lodz in earlier times. The 12 faculties of the University provide programmes in 50 fields of study and 170 specializations. In addition, the University offers doctoral programmes, more than 100 postgraduate curricula including an MBA programme, and programmes financed by the ESF.


Faculty of International and Political Studies


WSMiP_ENG_pion kolor (1)1Faculty of International and Political Studies at the University of Łódź was established on 1 September 2000. The Faculty has the first research category. In the Polish context it implies the highest quality of conducted research which is both interdisciplinary and internationalized. It is interdisciplinary because it combines various disciplines in the field of international and political studies.


Marshal’s Office of the Lodz Region


logo_promuje_lodzkie-page-001Marshal’s Office of the Lodz Region is a budget and organizational entity undertaking tasks of the region. The Board of the Lodz Region undertakes its activities with the help of the Marshal’s Office of the Lodz Region and regional self-governmental entities and regional legal persons. Functioning rules of the Marshal’s Office are specified in the Organizational Regulations passed by the Board of the Lodz Region. For more information, please visit





Lodz Special Economic Zone


Lodz Special Economic Zone. Perfect location, tax incentives, a rich industrial heritage and total support in the implementation of the investment process make Lodz Special Economic Zone the ideal place for investors looking to develop their businesses. Entrepreneurs who would like to set up their business in Lodz Special Economic Zone may take advantage of state aid up to 55 per cent of eligible investment costs or two-year labour costs. The best recommendation for Lodz Special Economic Zone lies in its achievements. During 15 years of operations, investors created a total of over 26 thousand jobs and the value of investments amounts over 10 billion Polish Zlotys. Our investors operate within the following industries: cosmetic and pharmaceutical, household appliances, BPO, IT, medical equipment, packaging, plastics, R&D and logistics.


The City of Lodz Office


logo_wer_horyzont_zhaslem_en_kolorThe City of Lodz Office. Lodz the former textile industry empire, today is a city of modern technologies, culture and grand events. It is a metropolis where a  landscape of industrial architecture mixes with silhouettes of the 20th century office buildings, production halls, culture and sports buildings. A small settlement, that in 1423 was granted civic rights, was thriving at the beginning of the 19th century. Lodz became one of the Europe’s biggest and fastest growing textile industry centre. At that time, a new identity of the city – a promised land and a city of many cultures was created. The city where people of different nationalities and religions shared the same dream of a success. Despite the differences they were able to build the city together.



Lodz Agency of Regional Development



Lodz Agency of Regional Development has been supporting development of micro, small and middle-sized companies sector for nearly 15 years. EU subsidies for development of firms and new technologies, specialist advisory services, organization of missions and fairs abroad in most dynamic countries all over the world, as well as attraction of foreign investors to the Lodz region make the Agency a leader among regional institutions supporting business. The Agency has helped hundreds of companies to develop – acquire funds, appropriate business know-how, gain new domestic and foreign markets. The experience and knowledge gained over all these years are proved by an impressive number of enterprises and institutions that cooperate with the Lodz Agency of Regional Development.