Prof. Glenn Hook

Glenn Hook delivered a keynote speech at LEAM 2015 on Japan’s response to the regional order in East Asia.


Glenn Hook’s research interests are in the area of the international relations of contemporary Japan, particular in relation to East Asia, as well as in security and risk in East Asia.


His work explores Japan’s role in the restructuring of the East Asian political economy and spatial scales of order at the regional, subregional and microregional levels. His work details the role of both state and nonstate actors in the political, economic and security dimensions of regional relations and how new orders and sites of governance emerge in the process of global and regional transformations.


A continuing interest remains Japanese defence and security policy. His research has challenged the realist approach dominant in the field by drawing attention to the domestic constraints imposed on the policy-making process, examining issues of structure, agency and particularly norms in determining security policy.


The role of the Japanese state in mediating risk is a more recent interest. This has led to collaborative work analysing the way the state mediates both internal and external risks and how this impacts on the security of the citizen.


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