Marta Jagusztyn

Marta Jagusztyn delivered a keynote speech at LEAM 2014 on Managed social innovation: the contradictions of state-NGO relations in China. She is a development practitioner and researcher with more than 10 years’ experience  in  Asia.  She  has  managed  development  programs  and  consulted  for governments and non-governmental organizations (local and international). Her areas of expertise include HIV, economic strengthening, public policy and evaluation. Since mid-2011  Marta  has  been  engaged  in  research  focusing  on  introduction  of  social  service outsourcing in China. Her work focuses on policy design, impact on relationships between local  governments  and  social  organizations,  capacity  development  needed  for  effective social  service  outsourcing  and  a  transition  from  foreign-funded  to  locally-funded programs.