Contemporary Asian Studies Series is a series chaired by professor Małgorzata Pietrasiak and professor Dominik Mierzejewski and published by Lodz University Press. The formula of e-book and publications in free access allows scholars to publish articles available for anyone who wishes to read them and by increasing number of readers can convert into an increased number of citations for the authors. CASS has its advisory board with scholars from Europe and Asia:


Ash Narain Roy (New Delhi Institute of Social Science)
Carmen Mendes (University of Coimbra)
Glenn Hook (University of Sheffield, East Asian Studies Insitute)
Gregory Moore (Zhejiang University, School of International Studies)
Lucia Husenicova (Matej Bel University, Institute of Asian Studies)
Masahiro Yamada (Kwansei Gakuin University, School of Law and Politics)
Sunyoung Park (Kyungpook National University, Asia Institute)
Vladimir Portyakov (Russian Academy of Social Science, Institute of Far East)
Jan Rowiński (Institute for International Affairs, University of Warsaw)
Wang Yizhou (Beijing University, School of International Relations)
Yang Long (Nankai University, Zhou Enlai School of Government)


We publish volumes both in Polish and English and all LEAM’s participants are welcome to submit their papers.





Overcoming Controversies in East Asia
edited by Tomasz Kamiński, Lodz University Press, Lodz 2017.


Building the Diverse Community. Beyond Regionalism in East Asia
edited by D. Mierzejewski, Grzegorz Bywalec, Lodz University Press, Lodz 2016.


Changing Determinants of Foreign Policy in East Asian Countries
edited by K. Żakowski, Lodz University Press, Lodz 2016.



On Their Own Paths. Japan and China Responses to the Global and Regional Challenges
edited by D. Mierzejewski, K. Żakowski, Lodz University Press, Lodz 2015.



Sypiając ze smokiem, polityka Unii Europejskiej wobec Chin,
T. Kamiński, Lodz University Press, Lodz 2015.



The Quandaries of China’s Domestic and Foreign Development,
edited by D. Mierzejewski, Lodz University Press, Lodz 2014.



Narzędzia polityki zagranicznej Chińskiej Republiki Ludowej,
edited by D. Mierzejewski, M. Pietrasiak, K. Żakowski, Lodz University Press, Lodz 2014.





Dimensions of Development. East Asia in the Process of Changes,
edited by Dominik Mierzejewski, Lodz University Press, Lodz 2013.